A weekly podcast featuring Christian leaders from around the world that are impacting the Kingdom of God.

- Hosted by Dr. Bob Moffitt & Pastor Julian Gibb

Latest Episode

Bob Moffitt interviews Chuck McCracken of Rodders for Christ.  Chuck says that when he asks questions of Rodders, those who love to collect cars, “You’d better be willing to listen to 2 hours.”  Chuck says that he asks enough questions to get them interested in talking about their spirit, then plants seeds. Chuck says, “Our job is to be faithful with what God has given us.”

“Many people are searching for answers to the question of what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Each week, different leaders provide testimonials of how simple acts of love are changing lives, and demonstrating Jesus Christ in the community, the city, and the nation.”


God doesn’t see us as a burden 2

Bob Moffitt interviews Sandi Miller. In this Re-Broadcast, Sandi shares about Teddy, her son with Down’s syndrome, and how she serves and learns from Teddy.  Sandi shares many analogies of


Seed Projects – Acts of Love to the Community

Julian Gibb interviews Bob Moffitt. Bob describes what seed projects are and gives examples of seed projects in Liberia, and in Kenya. Begin with prayer, asking God to open your


Serving whenever and wherever God may lead

Julian Gibb interviews Bishnu Regmi Pastor of Grace International Church. Bishnu shares how he, and his wife Kamala, have prayed for God to open doors, and then taken the challenge