Samaritan Strategy Program

Establishing self-sustaining Samaritan Strategy teams in new areas

Julian Gibb, Executive Director

In 2021, 75 Harvest associates operated through 631 churches in 24 countries around the world. Our curriculum was taught in Armenian, Assamese, Bengali, English, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Kinyarwanda, Luo, Manipuri, Marathi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Uzbek, Harvest is truly a global movement! 

Yet a movement is only effective if what is taught is put into action, God’s language of forgiveness and love expressed through acts of forgiveness and love. Word in action, love in motion to all members within the global community, for the Lord’s concern and command is to love and disciple people from all nations. Matthew 28:19. 

At Harvest this is achieved through “seed projects”, small, short-term projects, conducted by believers with local resources in order to demonstrate God’s love to those outside the faith community. In 2021, 11,356 participants served their communities through 1,864 seed projects. Below are a few examples, to learn of more please click here: Harvest Seed Projects 

 In Ethiopia a group put their training into practice when they identified a senior lady suffering from lack of food and shelter. From their own resources, they constructed a home with two rooms, one of which she could rent out in order to provide money for food. The pastor wrote “As we visited, she continued praising God for His mercy and raising Christians to take care of her. Now, she is very committed and visiting church and sharing the little resources she has with those in need. Praise God!” Ethiopia.

In a region in Africa (shall go unnamed), senior widows were accused of being witches, they were herded, expelled from the town, and left to perish.  Members of the Harvest community reached out to them, befriended and provided for them, and shared the love of Christ.

Samaritan Strategy Program 

GLOBAL MINISTRY ACTIVITIES December 10, 2020 – December 10, 2021
Network Events to contact and serve alongside church leaders 4863,091
Training Classes, sermons, and presentations using Harvest lessons59510,933
Mentorship Events to train and mentor trainers1,0753, 967
Commissioning Events commissioning trainers to multiply the SamS model 78846
Disciplines of Love and Seed Projects Short, small, and simple activities done by believers to demonstrate God’s love to those outside the church, using local resources.1,86411,356

To view seed projects in action please click on the following link: https://youtu.be/EKO0mrfVv5c  which will take you to our latest video entitled “Outside the Walls of the Church”. 


We greatly appreciate your prayers, and we welcome your fiscal support. The average cost of a Samaritan Strategy project is $4,700 and you can contribute with any amount. You can write a check to “Harvest” and mail it to P. O. Box 2670 – Phoenix, AZ – 85002 or click on the “Donate” button at www.harvestfoundation.org for a credit card donation. You can designate your gift to any Samaritan Strategy project. Thank you for partnering with us.

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