You’re on a very dangerous path

Julian Gibb interviews Michael, who shares about his life as a rebellious German teenager who had surrounded himself with friends and ideas, “focusing on everything that was wrong with the country, or the world… constantly; it feeds the hatred.” Michael says, “It’s a drug that made me addictive towards this. Every time I feel colder and more empty.” Michael states, “I watched certain people radically change, become so hateful, so cold, so nasty in their thinking.” Michael continues, “I felt the Lord knocking on my door: ‘You’re on a dangerous path.'” Michael shares, “I was at a march, and I saw people around me shouting, just being angry, and just how meaningless this really is.” Michael continues, “Almost audibly, God spoke to me, ‘You don’t belong here anymore. You need to get out of here.'”

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How can I help you?

Bob Moffitt interviews Jake and Keely whose heart is to reach internationals from the nations that are coming to Arizona.