You just need to be available with a heart to serve

Tammy Abernathy, CEO of Hope Women’s Center, shares how she cares for women who are hurting, in pain, and have experienced difficult situations. “To see how God draws in the lonely, lost, the least, and how they get first priority in His Kingdom, at His table. That gives me expanded vision and hope.” Tammy shares what it looks like to walk alongside a hurting woman. “Make a human connection. I want to have a relationship with you. I don’t have an agenda. Your story matters. I want to hear your story.” Tammy says, “It’s not about your skills or your experience. It’s about your availability. Being available, being sensitive, and aware.” Tammy says to ask God to make needs around us known to us, and ask God how to serve those immediately around us. “I see her transform, which affects her children, and her family and ultimately her community as she becomes a change-maker in her community.”

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