Why is Walmart down the street more diverse than our church?

Caleb Campbell, Senior Pastor at Desert Springs Church says he believes that “the street won’t change until the kitchen table changes.” Caleb says “Jesus loves you more than you can ever imagine; put it into action.” “As you read the New Testament, especially after the gospels, you see that the local church body is by design socioeconomically, chronologically and ethically diverse.” Like the early church, Caleb encourages people to have hard discussions around the table talking about things that are hard to talk about. Caleb says that he loves partnering with what God is already doing with other ministries and non-profits that are further down the road in certain areas. “Jesus calls people into activity way before I think they’re ready. There’s not a perfect way to start serving. Start it, and trust that the Spirit of God will guide you in the process.”

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How can I help you?

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