When they call, we listen. We give them healing, hope, and Jesus.

Reverend Anita Kristy, Director of Counseling at a Center in India, receives many calls at all hours of the day from people who are depressed and contemplating suicide. “When they call, we listen. We give them the words from the Bible; healing, hope, and God who we can depend on.” Anita shares her own story of transformation; in addition, she shares about the spiritual challenges from those see this as conversion. “I receive from Jesus his grace that keeps me going in this ministry.” “This gives them a hope; this is not the end; I will live for eternity if I believe in Jesus.” Anita continues, “It is not me, but it is Jesus who does the transformation in people.”

Recent Episodes


Psalm 34: Praise God, Trust God, Fear God.

Julian Gibb interviews Harvest Associate Steve Kawamura from Brazil. Learn how Steve applied the three mentioned exhortations from Psalm 34 to minister to people in an area known as the “swamp”. A place where even the police were afraid to go. All of this in spite of health issues.


Hated, and still we love.

Julian Gibb interviews Pastor Mono Roy of Bangladesh. Pastor Mono shares how loving; as Jesus loves, brings people to Jesus and builds the church.