We’ve all got our small part to play

John Cozens, in addition to a full time job, helps widows and people in need with mechanical issues. John says, “We’ve all got our small part to play.” “It’s a peace to know that it’s done, it’s fixed.” John says this has been a God-given blessing, “I come in and take care of them; they’re not forgotten.” John continues, “There’s an element of companionship; I’ve grown in having conversations and letting them know they’re important.” John shares about another blessing: “I bring my son on a lot of these projects; I wasn’t bringing him with a thought that this is something he’d want to do, but rather a setting where he could learn how to maintain a house, fix things; I saw it as a teaching platform.” He continues, “My son will graduate college in 4 weeks and he said to me, ‘I’m looking forward to being done, so I can help you.'”

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Bob Moffitt interviews Jake and Keely whose heart is to reach internationals from the nations that are coming to Arizona.