We prayed for them to have children

Steve Chang shares about miraculous healings that God has done in him and his wife. As a result, he prays for God to heal people he meets. Steve says, “I travel quite a bit for work. When I come home, I pray, “God, give me a word to encourage and bless this person”, even to those of different faiths. Steve shares about one of his conversations with a cab driver: “God revealed that he wanted to have a son”, but couldn’t. Steve recounts, “I prayed for his back pain; he got better. And the next day he brings his wife to our living room to be prayed for. We prayed for them to have children. That was it. About a year later, I got a text from him; ‘Here’s the child that you prayed for!'” Steve summarizes, “Use your gifts; the more you use them, the more God is going to pour into you; you will see the fruits that await you; as you pray and perform miracles, as you heal the sick, you will see God move.”

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