We have seen that our teaching becomes our lives

Elly Oliveira, Global Coordinator for Samaritan Strategies, and her husband Cleiton share how people learn by experiencing something new, especially concerning proclamation vs demonstration of the gospel. Cleiton says, “The demonstration of God’s love to a broken world is a message we communicate without words. When we talk about proclamation and demonstration, we remember the story of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding. We have no record that Jesus preached a sermon in that occasion. However, the Lord was recognized as one to be obeyed.” Elly speaks about how Samaritan Strategies helps people transition, having a paradigm shift, from a culture that keeps them inactive, to a culture where they are the hands and feet of Jesus in their community. Elly says that people “learn how to demonstrate God’s love with their families, and be a leading letter that can be read by the world.” Elly shares several examples, “What we actually do is facilitate situations where the Holy Spirit works on people’s hearts and they turn their lives to Jesus Christ.”

Recent Episodes


All praise, honor, and glory to God. Part 2 (Re-Broadcast)

Julian Gibb Julian Gibb interviews Pastor Singh of India Part 2. Pastor Singh tells how God provided a wife; her grandmother prayed for 40 years for her to have a man who was a radical follower of Jesus. Training 30 students now 30,000 missionaries to reach Asia. Like Jesus, providing clean water, and living water.


The wise man and the foolish man

Bob Moffitt interviews Graham Cathers of the Phoenix Underground, who shares how a holy discontent led him to work in church plants and disciple making movements.  Graham says, “We love the church and love being part of what the church represents, but there’s coming a day when we need to have some other strategies to reach people who may never walk through that brick and mortar door.”