This is the first day that I’ve ever been loved

Ron Friesen, Sr. Chaplain for Ecumenical Chaplaincy for the Homeless in Phoenix shares simple stories of working among the homeless. Ron says, “I believe that we’re transformed to give.” Ron asked one lady who found herself homeless due to a mental health breakdown, “Do you know that God gives back the years the locust ate?” He prayed and believed with her that God would give her back her life! Ron says that many homeless are hungry and thirsty for physical needs, as well as spiritual needs, and they ask the question: will someone nurture my spirit? Practically, Ron shares a question he asks homeless people, “Do you have a State ID?” Most homeless people have lost these documents. He points them to Homeless ID, an organization that helps the homeless replace about 9,000 documents a year at no cost. And second, “Would you like a job?”, and Ron shares about St. Joseph the Worker, which provides jobs after a one hour orientation. Of one man who Ron provided the gift of anointing, along with prayer and a hug, the man responded, “This is the first day that I’ve ever been loved.”

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