This gave me hope; someone cares for me – Part 2

Gil Moreno, SW Regional Manager for Operation Christmas Child, in the second part of a two-part interview, shares, “Everything we do is for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want children to have the greatest gift, to know Jesus. We call the shoeboxes “gospel opportunities” because when our partners in other countries receive these shoeboxes, they have outreach events, and the children receive a child-friendly presentation of the gospel. In addition, they are given a booklet called “The Greatest Gift”, currently translated in 88 languages, and that also presents the gospel to them that they can share with their family and friends. Then they’re invited to a 12-week discipleship program where they can grow in their relationship with Jesus. Everything we do is about fulfilling the great commission, and Jesus said, ‘Make disciples’, which opens the door for us to get into some communities where normally we couldn’t get into. A Pastor in Liberia said, “The shoeboxes are opening doors that they’ve never been able to open – in communities.” Gil shares a personal story about his work in Liberia with a Pastor who wanted to open a church in an area among Muslims.

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“The Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant” Matthew 23:11

Julian Gibb interviews Fr Nathan Hale, Rector, Desert Mission Anglican Church Fr Nathan shares his desire to be the Lord’s servant in the Sunnyslope Neighborhood of Phoenix. The members of the parish serve with their Time, Treasure, and Talent as we are all called to do with our Lord in the lead.


Nothing has increased my faith more than strategic prayer

Bob Moffitt interviews Paul Covert who relates God’s powerful answers to prayer. Paul says, speaking about the next generation, “If you change the way they pray, you change the legacy of their life.”  Paul relates several stories of prayer breakthroughs, for example, how he prayed for his Dad as a youth, and how he models for his family and church members, particularly men, who want to pray more. 


Through meeting of needs we build relationships in Albania

Pastor Julian Gibb interviews Edi Demo of the Ilyricum Movement in Albania.  Eddie says, “I was 13 years old when communism left; that was the first time I heard the gospel through the Jesus Film. That was exclusive news to me that someone had died and rose again, because I never heard that during the communism time.”