This gave me hope; someone cares for me – Part 2

Gil Moreno, SW Regional Manager for Operation Christmas Child, in the second part of a two-part interview, shares, “Everything we do is for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want children to have the greatest gift, to know Jesus. We call the shoeboxes “gospel opportunities” because when our partners in other countries receive these shoeboxes, they have outreach events, and the children receive a child-friendly presentation of the gospel. In addition, they are given a booklet called “The Greatest Gift”, currently translated in 88 languages, and that also presents the gospel to them that they can share with their family and friends. Then they’re invited to a 12-week discipleship program where they can grow in their relationship with Jesus. Everything we do is about fulfilling the great commission, and Jesus said, ‘Make disciples’, which opens the door for us to get into some communities where normally we couldn’t get into. A Pastor in Liberia said, “The shoeboxes are opening doors that they’ve never been able to open – in communities.” Gil shares a personal story about his work in Liberia with a Pastor who wanted to open a church in an area among Muslims.

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