This gave me hope; someone cares for me – Part 1

Gil Moreno, SW Regional Manager for Operation Christmas Child, tells personal stories from Liberia and Rwanda, including refugees. “God is working in the hearts of children all over the world. Some are in very difficult situations.” Gil continues, “The needs are so great with these children.” Gil mentioned that hygiene items, toys and school supplies are so important. “A child in many countries cannot go to school without school supplies.” Gil continues, “Most of the children that we serve have never received a gift in their lives. Some are hard to reach geographically, others are hard to reach – religious reasons where countries would not want us to go because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s why we do what we do. We want children not to just receive a gift, but the greatest gift, which is Jesus.” Gil mentions, “For some, this is the first time they heard the name of Jesus Christ.” Gil concludes, “That child will be connected to a local church, and that child is going to be invited to 12 weeks of discipleship to help them grow in their faith.” Gil says, “If you’re packing a shoe box, you’re participating in the Great Commission.” Gil says of one little girl, “Mutesie received a picture of a family that gave her the box. She grabbed the picture, she held it up over her head to show everybody around her; these are the people that gave her these gifts.”

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