They are not strangers; they are my people

Ramiro Carbajal, who has walked with his people in the Honduras through two recent hurricanes and many landslides, shares how he, his family and his church are responding to people in love. “We try to share with the local church… If they receive 5 pounds of rice or 5 pounds of beans, they can make a little packet of food, and the local church can share it with more people. They multiply the food that they received. They are very thankful to share with others. That happens not only with the believer, but with the unbelievers.” Ramiro says people who are served by the church, “The people ask us for Bibles.” Ramiro says, “They are not strangers; they are my people. God provides to care for others. It is not us, it is God who provides and touches the heart of other people who need it.”

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