The worst of people liked to be around Jesus

“We generally love what we talk about, and talk about what we love”, says Nathan Lutz, a mentor of folks on the way to the people in the unreached world. Nathan says, “My dad began to share Christ with me… he would pick up people in the car and it was a long drive to Swaziland. That became a model for me. Watching my Dad set the pace for my life.” Nathan continues, “Talking is one way we show what had deeply affected us.” Nathan says, “How could you not talk about someone as precious as Jesus?” Nathan tells how he mentors, “In the internship, we think about ways, works, words, and the wounds of Jesus. How he treated women, what he was like before men. The worst of people liked to be around Jesus. They could tell he loved them.” Nathan tells of the love he has for neighbors, building relationships that are growing and deepening. “We are who we are, lovers of Jesus. You don’t build relationships to share; his love works through you.”

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