The best opportunity to love people comes at the worst moments

Corey Kasperson, Pastor of Young Adults at Redemption Church Tempe, tells his own story about how life to the full is living sacrificially for others. “When we love our brothers and sisters and neighbors who don’t know Jesus, we’re representing who God is to the world. When we’re living under the rule of Jesus, the reign of love, we’re actually giving the world a picture of what this world was created to be… a preview of what life will be like when Jesus’ rule and reign is fully acknowledged on earth.” He tells of an experience when he cried out to God, “Lord, give me a story of love.” And how he met Dean, eventually asking him, “Dean, what can I do for you?” “God is trying to interrupt me so I can give His love to somebody, then take the steps of faith; that’s where it starts.”

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