The best day of the month is the day that you Christians show up

David Drum of J17 Ministries tells a story of unconditional service from a unified body, with the people of the church serving one of the largest school districts in Tucson. David tells a story about a lady at the school who worked with the needs at the school. She said to David and other Christians in the church, ‘We have a family that has 10 kids, the father’s in prison, the mother ought to be in prison, they don’t have enough to eat, they don’t have transportation; they need everything; so what can you do for them?’ My friend said, ‘Well, let me get some churches to come alongside and adopt that family and see what we can do.’ After a couple of months there was such a huge impact for this family, that she was kind of blown away. 9 months later, she says to us. ‘Y’know, our job around here is so hard; every time we ask for something, the answer’s always no, but when we ask you, and the churches, the answer is always yes. The best day of the month is when you Christians show up.'” David then shares how this woman’s life was radically changed.

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