Somebody has to stand up for our neighborhood

Wendy and Jeff Schops, both motorcycle bikers, wanted to get more involved with their neighbors. Jeff says, “God put it on our heart to reach other people.” Wendy says, “We have the love of God in our hearts. That’s the biggest reason that we feel free to reach out to people of different religions and different skin color.” Jeff explains, “I’m 31 years clean of cocaine with a hard struggle when I came off. I’m rich with God’s love.” Wendy shares about a unique opportunity in her neighborhood, “One night after we heard gun shots, we didn’t think about the danger; we felt the strength to go and help someone who was clearly in distress.” Wendy says, “The people we get to talk to are living the same kinds of lives that we are, with the same kinds of struggles, family dynamics, and drama. We just need to be able to be friends and comfort those around us when they need it. How would we know that they need it if we didn’t open that dialogue with them wherever we go?” Jeff concludes, “Don’t cower, don’t hide behind the curtains. Come out and be strong.”

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