Retired at 55; now helping refugee families through his church

Miles Fagerlie talks about how he and his wife helped Gilbert, a father of 2 teenage boys and a young daughter who were originally from Congo, who came to America as refugees from Rwanda. Miles says, “It started when a Pastor of an African refugee church came to our church and asked if we could help with a utility bill.” Miles got involved and started meeting some of the people, “to help them try to get around in this new world.” Miles says, “So we helped get furniture, spare couches, beds, mattresses, chairs, and tables situated in an apartment, and to learn how to use American currency, go to a grocery store and buy food, an experience they never had.” Miles says that over 1,200 Afghan refugees have recently come to Phoenix. Miles concludes, “Look for people in your neighborhood; maybe there’s a person with an accent. Encourage them; say, ‘Welcome to America’, and find out how you can help them, and share the gospel with them.”

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