Pastor, I don’t have money to eat today

Meshak, serving as a Pastor in a poor area of Nairobi, Kenya, shares how he and his congregation serve sacrificially in his community with the love of God. “Every year, we identify a needy orphan and we help in paying for their school fee.” Meshak says, “It’s not just about getting the teaching of the Word of God, but really practicing what the Word of God says.” He continues, “We are not going to use our scarcity as an excuse for not obeying God, and so… even though we are needy, the Lord is calling us to invest in the Kingdom”; and he tells a story about caring for a widow in his community who said, “Pastor, I don’t have money to eat today.” He says, “When it comes to investing in the Kingdom, it’s both the responsibility of the rich and the poor.”

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