It’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness

Jon Sanborn with, says “if you’re an individual, church, you can find any need in America and help meet that need.” “We want the church to be always at the point of care.” Jon continues, “You can look at the needs on” Jon says, “We’re just the vehicle; we’re not the hero. The church is the primary vehicle.” Jon continues, “For those who are willing to love and serve their neighbor, this becomes a transformational connection with people. Yes, it’s about baby wipes, diapers; that can be the cup of water that Jesus calls us to give. You’re now the presence of Christ; you’re knocking on the door; she’s seeing someone who is willingly volunteering to love a neighbor and be there for her. And things happen in that space. That’s a very powerful space when we’re willing to be available to serve someone’s need.”

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How can I help you?

Bob Moffitt interviews Jake and Keely whose heart is to reach internationals from the nations that are coming to Arizona.