In later life, what can I engage in doing to be a companion to others?

Are senior years more than endless leisure and entertainment? In later life, what can I engage in doing with my time to be a companion and create camaraderie? Do I need to know exactly how to do something to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Phil Burgess celebrates the lives of people who are doing interesting, important and life-giving things in their later life.

Recent Episodes


“The Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant” Matthew 23:11

Julian Gibb interviews Fr Nathan Hale, Rector, Desert Mission Anglican Church Fr Nathan shares his desire to be the Lord’s servant in the Sunnyslope Neighborhood of Phoenix. The members of the parish serve with their Time, Treasure, and Talent as we are all called to do with our Lord in the lead.


Nothing has increased my faith more than strategic prayer

Bob Moffitt interviews Paul Covert who relates God’s powerful answers to prayer. Paul says, speaking about the next generation, “If you change the way they pray, you change the legacy of their life.”  Paul relates several stories of prayer breakthroughs, for example, how he prayed for his Dad as a youth, and how he models for his family and church members, particularly men, who want to pray more. 


Through meeting of needs we build relationships in Albania

Pastor Julian Gibb interviews Edi Demo of the Ilyricum Movement in Albania.  Eddie says, “I was 13 years old when communism left; that was the first time I heard the gospel through the Jesus Film. That was exclusive news to me that someone had died and rose again, because I never heard that during the communism time.”