I want to change my baby’s name to “The Lord is my hope” – Part 1

John Thomas, Executive Director of Living Hope in Cape Town, South Africa, along with his church, is bringing hope and breaking despair for the needy people in the area. John says, “There are 20,000 needy people within half a mile of the church.” “And God says to me on Judgement Day: ‘John, tell me, what did you do about the poor and needy and those who haven’t heard the gospel a half mile from the church?'” John responded, “I’ve got to do something.” John tells the story of a young lady who had a baby, and she named him “No hope” in the local language. “My mother died with AIDS, my Auntie died with AIDS… my baby was born with skin sores indicating advanced stages of AIDS, and I’ve got AIDS.” John continues, “A chaplain called me and I arranged her to get into a family in my church. She came to know Jesus as Savior. Another three months went by, and this young lady came to me and said, “I want to change my baby’s name to ‘The Lord is my hope’!”

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