I still had hatred toward the man who made me an orphan – Part 1 of 3

Marcus Doe, originally from Liberia, shares his story of reconciliation. Escaping the war in Liberia, he traveled by ship to America as a refugee. He learned at the age of 12 that his father has been captured, interrogated and murdered. He shares about his experience in a public high school. “My teachers assumed I had transferred from another school in the county.” Marcus continues, “I was too afraid and too ashamed to talk to my teachers, about the troubles I was having both in my mind and in academics”. In his first year in America, Marcus didn’t know if his siblings were still alive, and the war was still going on in Liberia. “I went to high school in a cloud of hatred, a cloud of sadness.” Marcus says, “At 24 years old, I read the Lord’s prayer… I had to face the fact that I needed to forgive the man who made me an orphan.”

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