“I pick you, you’re mine”; we’ve adopted 11 of 14 children

Linny Saunders, mother of 14 children with her husband, have 8 children at home at 62. “God has called us to care for the orphans.” Linny says, “If I was sitting in an orphanage in another country, I would be really wanting a family to come and say, ‘I pick you, you’re mine’. With that as a motivation, and believing that God’s heart is for the orphan, we have adopted 11 of our 14 children.” Linny continues, “The church in America for the most part has bought the lie from the enemy that children are a nuisance and a bother…. God’s word actually says that the fruit of the womb are His reward.” Linny says about her home with special needs children, “The needs are so great all around us; between foster care and between the orphan crisis, there’s millions of orphans waiting. I could not see myself finding any satisfaction in anything but serving the kids that I have, and any other kids that God brings across our path.” She talks about honoring and treasuring her family, “People who meet our family just love our kids.”

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It’s obviously not being done, so we will do it

Bob Moffitt interviews Bethany Janzen of ProLife Global, who asks the question, “How can we tackle the greatest human rights issue of all time?”  Bethany is empowering the young generation to form local life teams in the church – people working together to share about eternal life in universities and high schools. Bethany, 29, says, “It’s obviously not being done, so we will do it.


Representing Jesus to those in prison

Bob Moffitt interviews Richard Jackman, Correctional Chaplain in the Florence Prison. When Richard Jackman was young, he witnessed the Holy Spirit working in 3 individuals who shared the love of Jesus. Now he represents Jesus to those in prison, which he’s done for 34 years, and he says, “You don’t really have an ordinary day.” 


Somehow God picks the weak and foolish; He can equip us

Bob Moffitt interviews Mardette Hemann, who shares several stories, including the power of God through prayer, “A woman I had worked with had been praying for my salvation for 20 years.”  Mardette communicates that you don’t give up because you don’t see results; she cares for people who are walking through grief.