His way is not retaliation. His way is forgiveness

George Miley explains the supernatural power of God to love one another. What would happen if two parties who were locked in bitterness were to kneel together before the cross and say, “Lord Jesus, we both have sinned, we both are wrong, we both have treated each other with anger, contempt, and bitterness. We don’t have the power to overcome this. We bring it to you on the cross. And we pray, Lord, that in your grace, that you will break the power of sin in our lives. And give us the supernatural power to love one another.” George continues, “Our first responsibility is to choose to tell the truth. And secondly we choose to trust him. And when we do that, he supernaturally transforms us.” “Jesus is not here to condemn us. He’s here to free us, to heal us, to transform us.”

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How can I help you?

Bob Moffitt interviews Jake and Keely whose heart is to reach internationals from the nations that are coming to Arizona.