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Julian Gibb interviews Gordon Showell who says, “I read the Bible and heard God’s call for the marginalized: refugees, child trafficking and persecution, as well as family, children and youth. Gordon asked, “How does my story fit into God’s story?” Gordon tells his story. “My initial reaction as a young Christian was, ‘there must be people far better qualified, far more experienced than me, and far better at it than me’, but eventually I accepted the invitation from the church. That was the beginning… a communal thing, a recognition by others in the community.” Gordon tells one story, “It began in Ukraine with a bunch of Christian leaders praying for orphans and vulnerable children.” One asked, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a Ukraine without orphans?” This group discovered that “the best way to care for them was in families, and it would be better to find ways to get them fostered or adopted into families.”

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Bob Moffitt interviews Jake and Keely whose heart is to reach internationals from the nations that are coming to Arizona.