God in the flesh was a refugee

Gary DeVelder and his son Derek of Abounding Service https://aboundingservice.org/ share stories about recruiting volunteers to help refugees learn English and citizenship. He explains, “We develop a relationship and give them dignity. Refugees have been told ever since they left their home that they’re worth nothing. When they came out of their country, they had nothing but a suitcase.” Gary says about one refugee that he has helped, “The first time they felt good in the US is when somebody deliberately smiled at them. And we can provide that to them day after day.” Derek explains, “For example, Le Page, when helping with Thanksgiving boxes, beamed. She said, ‘I feel included, I feel important here” by helping others.'” Gary continues, “Our witness is not so much in words. A volunteer can sit together one foot away from each other, face to face. The eyes speak love, care, concern. This refugee has had a lot of case workers. They know who are paid; they know that the encourager that comes in for 2 hours is not paid; they know they’re volunteers who want to be there. Many of them have not been treated this way as a refugee in 10, 20, 30 years.” Derek concludes, “We’re simply backing in to the work that the Holy Spirit is doing.”

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