God doesn’t see us as a burden

Bob Moffitt interviews Sandi Miller, who shares about Teddy, her son with Down’s syndrome, and how she serves and learns from Teddy.  Sandi shares many analogies of how she has seen new perspectives of God’s love for her, revealed in her son. Sandi says, “Teddy knows what he’s doing; why do I want to get in his way?” Sandi continues, “Teddy sees a need and meets a need through a hug or prayer.”  

Recent Episodes


Representing Jesus to those in prison

Bob Moffitt interviews Richard Jackman, Correctional Chaplain in the Florence Prison. When Richard Jackman was young, he witnessed the Holy Spirit working in 3 individuals who shared the love of Jesus. Now he represents Jesus to those in prison, which he’s done for 34 years, and he says, “You don’t really have an ordinary day.” 


Somehow God picks the weak and foolish; He can equip us

Bob Moffitt interviews Mardette Hemann, who shares several stories, including the power of God through prayer, “A woman I had worked with had been praying for my salvation for 20 years.”  Mardette communicates that you don’t give up because you don’t see results; she cares for people who are walking through grief.


What does The “Church as a Window” mean?

Bob Moffitt, President of Harvest. Host: Julian Gibb, Executive Director of Harvest. Define the Church as a Window in this podcast. They describe that the Church is the people of God, not an institution. How are we perceived by the world? Does our walk match our talk? People are watching. Serving others is part of being the Church.