Engaging in conversations with people of different beliefs

“Ben Sanders and his wife, Sarah, are Directors of the Campus Christian Center (C3) at Arizona State University. He says, “We want to be very visible…” Ben continues. “We’re all about the desire to see students not only educated but to grow and mature in their life.” Ben says, “We don’t have our own student ministry, but we want to get students plugged into a ministry that really fits them. That’s the beauty of having diversity and different campus ministries.” “We as Christians have that opportunity to be really as Paul was in Athens, engaging in conversations with people of different beliefs.” Ben speaks about the upcoming Conference on Faith and Science, or COFAS, on February 11-12 cofasasu.org Ben states, “Science and engineering are a major part of ASU.” Ben continues, “We’re really focusing not so much on talks about sciences, but how do we live a life of virtue and faith in every aspect of life, whether you’re in science or not? How do you let faith in Jesus, but also the virtues of faith, really direct your work?” Ben answers the question, “How do you reach a large university? Well, you go small. That is, you really have to break this big university down into people groups where people are living, or where they are studying, and begin to pray for and love people in those contexts.”

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