Can you imagine leaving home at 14 to serve a people your family hates?

Julian Gibb interviews Justino Jone from Mozambique. Justino shares how God gave him a love for a hated people, how he recruited 3 friends to go with him, and how they showed the love of Jesus to the people of the Comoros Islands.

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When we brought them supplies, they were tearing up

Host Bob Moffitt interviews Munkhuu Tuvshin of Mongolia who shares stories about assisting nomadic people and their animals, and giving assistance to locals during heavy storms.  “Locals have lost 67% – 70% of their animals because of cold and deep snow”, Says Munkhuu.  “When we brought them supplies, they were tearing up.  The Lord has given them hope and courage in extremely tough situations.”


How can God use us in this country?

Host Bob Moffitt interviews Gabriela and Jose Castaneda who moved to Phoenix from Guatemala 19 years ago. When they arrived, they were interested in a church that did more than just praying and reading the Bible; they started a church with 7 people who began loving and serving their neighbors in need: food for the homeless, beds for those in need, diapers, and bringing a toy to one of their Muslim neighbors.


We have a vision to pray inside of Arizona High Schools

Host Bob Moffitt interviews Cheryl Sacks of Bridge Builders International.  As a new high school teacher, Cheryl prayed, In this school of 2,000, “Lord, come in and do something. Use me to change the school.”  Cheryl shares several stories about inviting the Lord’s transforming presence into high schools, including a group of four young men who said, “We have a vision to pray inside of Arizona High Schools.