Be open to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to do things you never would have imagined

Chris Croswhite, Director of the Rescue Mission in Salt Lake City, says “I believe we are joining God in God’s ministry.” Chris encourages us to ask, “How is my path intersecting with what God is doing?” Chris continues, “Most days of the week, I have this sensation that I can’t do this. In my weakness, He’s made strong. I do the best I can, and what I can’t do, God will do the rest.” “All people are created in the image of God. All people deserve love, respect, opportunity and redemption.” Chris says, “The things God wants us to know, He’s written them down in His Word.” Chris and his team come alongside the poor and help these men and women to be what God intended them to be: God dependent, self-sufficient and a contributing member of society.

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