A little bit of faith and a great big God – Part 2 of 2

John Thomas, Executive Director of Living Hope in Cape Town, South Africa, in Part 2 of 2 tells amazing stories of God’s provision, “When God has his fingerprints over something, it’s not about skills development and strategic planning (although those are both good); it’s about listening to the voice of God.” John continues with several stories, “If God is in a thing, you walk through the doors with a little bit of faith and a great big God!” John says, “We’re here to impact the world for Jesus.” John confesses, “We find ourselves saying, ‘We definitely didn’t do this. Only God could have done this.'” John now has 4 Pastors on staff for a church of 350, and 230 Pastors on staff to reach those who do not yet know Jesus in the area around the church.

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