Dear encouragers,

June was a family month.  Tasha and Erik’s youngest son, Harley (18) graduated from high school (June 12) and is headed to University of San Diego on a soccer scholarship

We held the first Moffitt Family reunion in many years in Oceanside, CA (June 19-22).  It felt strange being the “patriarch” of our family line.  Out of twenty-eight immediate family members, only four were missing.

In July I began a summer – fall – early winter series of international visits.  The first was a three-phase visit to India.  I began with a visit with a mentee, John Son Kumar and see his ministry on the east coast of Andra-Pradesh, in and around the city of Machilipatnam.   John Son has a huge heart for the very poor. We visited several communities where he is has worked for a number of years.  One of those communities was destroyed by fire a few years ago.  In another village of garbage-pickers he has started a night school for the pickers children – children who without this educational opportunity would end up as their parents – surviving by selling collected plastics, cardboard, metal, etc.

The second phase was to do an initial exposure to wholistic ministry for about 50 pastors and church leaders of John Son’s group of whom about half were illiterate.  I enjoyed the challenge to communicate biblical truth in ways they could comprehend.

The third phase was a staff meeting with about half our Asian Harvest team in Kolkata (July 19-21).  I was so impressed by the quality of this part of our family.

It is now August 1st.  I leave in two days for a week of intensive teaching with a group of 16 Indian seminarians who are studying in Korea.   Please pray for the anointing of His Spirit on this and the remaining 2018 events listed below.

Judy and I continue to be so thankful for your partnership in multiple ways. Bob

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