Dear Encouragers,

It has been too long since my last update. There is a lot to report and I want to bring you up to date and ask for your prayer for the upcoming weeks and months.

Since my last update and a cancelled trip due to Judy’s broken wrist, I have put international travel on hold – with one exception.  I did participate in a World Evangelical Alliance division meeting for Church Engagement.  That took place in January and in London, England.  My body handled that event quite easily.  Otherwise, teaching and meetings have been done by Zoom. I feel ready to try travel again and have trips scheduled to Mexico, Colombia and South Africa for this summer and fall.  More on these later.

Family  Judy and I miss Phoenix friends, church, and cultural possibilities, but enjoy proximity to Tasha’s and Barak’s families and up-close observation of our five grandsons as they move toward full adulthood.  The five had three graduations this year.  Tasha’s youngest, Harley, graduated from the University of San Diego in Environmental Science and is in an internship where, among other responsibilities, he transplants coral onto dying reefs in the Florida Keys. Barak’s two boys graduated from high school (Jude) and junior high (Coda).  Jude was accepted into the Center for Furniture Craftsmanshipe in Rockport, Main that accepts only 12 students per year.  He begins studies in September. We are in regular phone contact with our youngest, Nate, who heads a blended family in Phoenix.   Judy participates in a choir group at our local community college.  We have become members at the nearby Christ the King Anglican church where Judy plays piano for our worship services.

Harvest  I continue as President and Chair of the Board. I also direct several of our Foundation projects.  Julian Gibb, our new Executive Director, is a gift from the Lord.  Under his leadership all of our programs are flourishing. Our flagship program, Samaritan Strategy, is training pastors and leaders with 104 trainers in 30 countries under the capable coordination of Elly Olivera.

Julian just led the upgrade of our web site, He and I divide up hosting a weekly radio program and podcast, “The Kingdom and its Stories,” where we interview people who inspire listeners through their life examples to “be Jesus’ Hands and Feet” in their own lives.

Micro Groups One great privilege I have is walking with and mentoring both young men and mature pastors in small groups that meet weekly by Zoom for updates, encouragement, asking each other how we have been Jesus’ hands and feet in the previous week, and prayer. These groups are spread around the world in 10 countries.  My grandsons and I are one of these groups!

Teaching I continue teaching.  A cohort I have taught for several years is a group of Asian pastors in a Doctor of Ministry program.  One of those classes graduated this June from East Asia Theological Seminary in Seoul, South Korea.

Projects A Harvest Foundation project I lead from the financial perspective is a relief program for refugees from tribal and religious persecution.  The project came about when I shared the need of this particular crisis at one of our partnering churches. The Lord prompted people related to that church to give more than $100,000 toward ministering to these particular refugees. I coordinate several other projects that include scholarships, schooling for poor urban children, ministry that is outside the scope of our Samaritan Strategy efforts, and the continuation of a series of videos Harvest is developing to promote local church ministry outside the walls of the church.

Friend Raiser For those of you who contribute to our annual Friend Raiser, this year’s event will be held at Camelback Bible church in Phoenix on Saturday morning, October 28th.  If you live locally, please mark your calendar and come to show your support for this strategic ministry with a pledge.  As usual, Julian or I will contact those who give regarding your pledge in advance of this event.  Or, you can call us to make a pledge and reduce our list of those to be called.

Beyond Retirement  At 83 years, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Lord for the privilege of continuing to serve our Lord and His Kingdom through Harvest at this juncture of life.  That means thanking those churches and individuals who maintain their faithful support of Judy and me beyond what most consider “retirement age.” Many of you will remember the nearly fatal accident I had in Mexico in the 1990s.  In the unforgettable dream I had just before the accident, I was on a journey from earth to heaven.  I could clearly see heaven’s gate and had a conversation with the Lord that went something like this: “Lord, if I have not finished what you created me to do, I want to stay.” I kept moving toward heaven’s gate.  So, in case the Lord didn’t hear, I repeated my prayer and immediately began to move back toward earth, and awoke. Then, one and a half days later, I was hit by a truck while jogging, and from which my doctors said I was fortunate to survive.  All that all was 30 years ago.

Implication?  As long as I have opportunity and strength, I will continue to serve.  Part of that journey includes beginning to again accept invitations to mentor and teach internationally, and in-person.  I have tentatively accepted three invitations and would like you to pray with me for these. They are:

Sept 25-30, Guadalajara Mexico – Conference for American (North, Central, and South) Christian leaders on strategic steps to introduce biblical world-view alternatives for local and national governance.
Oct. 6-16, Colombia in three locations – Harvest training for Colombian pastors.
Oct 20-21, Cape Town, South Africa – Discipleship strategies for Church of God pastors

Pray also for: 1. The discipline of keeping my focus on Jesus; 2. That I will model being Jesus’ hands and feet; 3. For wisdom as I walk with and/or mentor others.

Again, Judy and I thank you for being our encouragers in this journey.

Under the same Wings, and for both or us,


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