Dear Encouragers                                                                                             

First, I want to thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement during this “new normal.” Life and routine is certainly different. Like you, we are learning what that means.  Let me briefly bring you up-to-date with personal and ministry issues.

Personal  Judy and I have had both our Covid shots.  No reactions.  We continue in relatively good health with the exception my right leg.  When we were packing to move last October I pulled something and have been enduring pain in my right calf since. Sometimes it is severe. Blood tests ruled out deep vein thrombosis.  I’m currently on the front end of a 6 weeks physical therapy regime.  Not much improvement.  An MRI is probably the next diagnostic step. Sometimes I’m able to function normally with moderate pain.  Other times not.  Nothing seems to predict the pain level.  Even the PT is confused.

We are truly enjoying being close to Barak and family – which includes our two youngest grandsons, Jude who is 15 and Coda who is 12.   We usually see them a couple of times a week and have initiated Sunday worship together with just them and us.

We still worship on line and have not yet found a local congregation.  Most churches here are not worshiping in person but hopefully that will change soon.

In terms of our new home, we really like it and are completely settled except for the landscape in the back. Our back view is a hill which is part of a park.  It has a walking trail at the top. We enjoy the green Scrub Oaks, Eucalyptus and other brush vegetation.  I love watching the occasional hikers, bikers and dog walkers from our living-room window instead just looking at other houses.

Judy is still teaching Art History remotely at Scottsdale Community College. This will be her last semester.


HARVEST: This month, Harvest moved its physical location from downtown Phoenix to Scottsdale.  The office includes a zoom “teaching room” for remote training, making teaching videos, and meetings.  It also includes a sitting room which will include a convertible couch/bed and shower for visitors who need a place to stay overnight.

Julian Gibb, our new President’s Assistant is on board and doing well.  I’m so thankful to have him as part of the Harvest team.  We are in contact multiple times a week in various Harvest meetings and one-on-one calls.  I also occasionally have him join me on calls with the other organizations with which I am engaged.

Below are some statistics from our ministry activities between December 10, 2019 and December 10, 2020.

Network Events to contact and serve alongside church leaders:

Events – 409; Participants – 4150
Training classes, sermons, and presentations using Harvest lessons:

Events – 693; Participants – 7,852
Coaching events to train and mentor trainers:

Events – 596; Participants – 1.350
Commissioning events for trainers to multiply our training:

Events – 20; Participants – 344
Disciplines of Love and Seed Projects (Small and simple activities done to demonstrate God’s love to those outside the church, and done with local resources).

Events – 2118; Participants – 10,396
TOTALS:  Events – 3836; Participants 24,029

DNA  Though I haven’t been directly participating in leadership of Disciple Nations Alliance, I continue to serve a Board Chairman of this group I co-founded with Darrow Miller back in the 1990s.  DNA is flourishing In its mission to develop and promote biblical wholism in both concept and practice.

 DISCIPLESHIP One of the things I enjoy most is the on-line discipleship groups of which I am a part.  One of these groups is a group of young brothers who are my namesakes. One focus of our calls is the question, “How has God allowed you to be the hands and feet of Jesus this week?”

TEACHING: February 8-11, I was able to teach four hours a day via zoom to a Youth with a Mission school in Baja, Mexico.  I am scheduled to teach April 19-23 to a Doctor of Ministry class in Northern India – also by zoom.  I’ve taught several of these classes for Indian students in past years in Korea.  Because of Covid, the classes are being taught in India.

TRINITY EDUCATION Nine years ago several colleagues and I started Trinity Education to provide an opportunity for capable but under resourced young people to get a quality education shaped by a biblical worldview.  We are currently exploring relations to cooperate with a well known and accredited Christian college.

WEA I continue to be on the leadership team for Decade of Discipleship for World Evangelical Alliance.  With a recent handover to new leadership in WEA, our group has been virtually on hold for several months until we receive instructions from the new leadership.  I continue to believe that there is huge potential to infuse a fresh vision for discipleship as the priority of the evangelical church around the world through WEA.

COUNCIL OF LEADERSHP   I have recently joined another group (not of this title) which is seeking to bring leadership together from around the world to act through community action, and higher-level leadership relationships for transformation at community, national, and global policy levels.

Again, thank you for your continued partnership and encouragement to both Judy and me.

Under the same Wings,
Bob and Judy Moffitt


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  1. Wonderful to read your update! Blessings on you and yours around the world! I agree with Benedict! Thank you for your example! Our family is doing well–we have four wonderful daughters. Madison (age 12) was born while we lived in Phoenix; we also have Anna (10), Ruby (5), and Sarah (2). Much love to you all!

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