Harvest Brazil invites people to obey a global calling at a local level, equipping churches to demonstrate God’s will in every area of life.

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HARVEST BRAZIL FACEBOOK: Click HerePRAYERSPraise the Lord! God led us in peace and safety in our trip from Santa Catarina to Rio Grande do Sul, where we advanced the Samaritan Strategy project with the following:Three couples served as facilitators in our training, Diógenes & Gabriela, Douglas & Loruama, Leo & Rebeca, enjoying unity as a team and with the pastors who hosted them.Leadership training in five cities – Canoas, Gramado, Parobé, Porto Alegre, Três Coroas – with journeys of up to 18 hours of intense work.Testimonies of discipleship where people are growing like Jesus in every area of life: “I changed the way I think about personal conflicts and today I can talk about God’s love to people I thought didn’t like me…I received help to organize the administration of my restaurant…I learned to help people, even with the little resources I have…I overcame a feeling of being unable to serve others…I learned to respect the pastor…my self-esteem increased…I became a person of prayer…I baked a cake and gave it to people who live on the streets.”Families: May the Lord multiply the donors who are able to provide financial support for families and the ministry of Harvest Brazil workers.

Rio Grande do Sul, Phase 3a – Training of Trainers

Leo & Rebeca Wilkerson

On Saturday afternoon, we met to prepare a lesson.  We were responsible to help people tell their testimonies, sharing their experiences with Disciplines of Love and Seed Projects in the local church.  We elicited experiences that were simple and close to their reality, so that the SamS participants could see the connection between application and what they heard.  A special testimony called our attention, shared by Mrs. Rosane, 52 years old.  She asked that we would write her testimony, because she is still in an adult literacy class.  She told us that a great encouragement for her learning how to read and write was the Harvest lessons taught in her church.  One of her first readings was the story of Juan on the book If Jesus Were Mayor, which inspired her to serve her community with love.  She told us that, after she read the story, she imagined Jesus taking her by the hand and going over the city of Parobé, showing what she could do to help.

Leo & Rebeca Wilkerson

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