Thank you – Thank you for the role you have faithfully played, dear friend, in helping us share the gospel in Brazil.  We deeply value your participation and pray that the Lord may be with you.

Brazil – Disappointed, Brazilians saw the country’s president, Michel Temer, escape measures that would see him put to trial in the Supreme Court by getting Congress to vote them down. We continue to pray for God’s justice and the fulfillment of His purposes in our nation.

Harvest Brazil equips churches to demonstrate God’s will in every area of lifeHarvest Brazil plans to do Samaritan Strategy (SamS) projects in each of the twenty-seven states of the country.  Through the work of local teams, we are present in five states.  We would like to acknowledge their efforts and invite you to pray for them.Bahia: Feira de Santana, Km 100, Brejoens, Sapucaia, rural villages

  • Herivelton & Celia, Diego & Leidy, Pedro, Humberto & Eva, Adilson & Ninha, Eduardo, João
  • These pastors are learning to connect with their communities while dealing with environmental problems, like water supply. The teachings of biblical wholism have helped them to proclaim and demonstrate the lordship of Jesus over creation and steward natural resources.
Bahia (Adilson team, Humberto, Diogo, Kaoru)
Bahia (Humberto, Diogo, Adilson, Cleiton)
São Paulo: São Paulo capital, Casa Verde district

  • Clayton, Paulo, Edison, Maria Celia, Marcos, Sergio Kaoru, Negumi e filhos, Jonatan e Noboro
  • Business as mission is a major topic for this group of professionals seeking to answer the question “Where can we have the most differential impact for the Kingdom?” Their enthusiasm is contagious, and with courage, they have overcome many difficulties to obey their callings.
São Paulo 
São Paulo 
Paraná: Londrina, Curitiba

  • Steve & Nilza, Angelo
  • With wonderful hospitality, team members reviewed administrative procedures, measured results, and sought answering the question, “What is the best way to channel God’s answers to our communities’ problems?”  Moving away from the allure of flashy numerical results, they discussed ways to qualify the work of discipling followers of Jesus, and were energized seeing how much God has done in their midst.
Paraná (Rodolfo, Luciane & children, Steve, Cefas)
Santa Catarina: Camboriu, Araquari, Itajaí

  • Cleiton & Eleuza, Cefas & Rosali, Diógenes & Gabi, Givonete, Juarez & Rosa, Leo & Rebeca, Celso & Ivone, Dilma, Douglas, Ivonete, Jonas, Sergio, Sonia
  • They prayed for Givonete’s health –may the Lord bring quick and complete healing– while Diógenes took greater pastoral responsibilities at the Family Church.  May the Lord continue to protect, provide, and bless each one with His wonderful peace.
Santa Catarina (Jonas, Cefas, Nena, Celso)
Santa Catarina (Sergio, Givonete, Cefas)
Rio Grande do Sul: Porto Alegre, Gramado

  • Marco, Jackson
  • This is a new project, where we are integrating new members and thank the Lord for the expansion of Harvest ministry in Brazil.  We anticipate that this team will offer opportunities where people will recognize the power of the gospel to bless those who are invisible in society, like the deaf.
Rio Grande do Sul (Jackson family, Cefas & Diógenes)
Rio Grande do Sul (Diógenes, Cefas, Marco & Celso) 


  • Please pray for an area in the Amazon where we envision a new SamS project, and for our annual staff conference in Camboriu.
  • The Harvest Brazil team needs support and helpers.  Join us in prayer for the Lord of the harvest to send out workers to His harvest field.
  • Please pray for salvation among those served in our projects, poor communities in rural and urban areas, the Guaranys, people in rehabilitation of drug use, teenagers in public schools, and inmates.

Thank you!

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