Thank you – Thank you for the gift of your time in many ways, prayer, financial support, visits, and participation in our ministry.  May the Lord multiply the fruit of your obedience and add joy to your work and family life.
Brazil – In these difficult times for the politics in Brazil, we continue to pray for divine intervention with justice, truth, mercy and hope for our country.

Harvest Brazil equips churches to demonstrate God’s will in all areas of lifeOur times are in God’s Hands Encouraged by the work of Harvest Brazil and the Family Church in Balneário Camboriú, pastors, church members, and businesspeople served the Guaranys in Araquari, State of Santa Catarina, in two special celebrations, Easter and Mother’s Day.  The strategy to use seed projects for these acts of service has been fruitful.  It helps churches grow in collaboration, faith, and prayer.  It helps businesses grow using creative ways to invest finances and technology.  It helps beneficiaries grow while watching God’s purposes for families, the environment, and relationships demonstrated around them.Innovative and dynamic, the two seed projects with the Guaranys in Araquari included:

Conversations, songs, and prayer

Food donations

As the result of several seed projects, people who were alienated from God are now interested to study the Scriptures and obey Him in their relationships.  They will use a device with a Bible recorded in Guarany, called “megavoice”.  The time of isolation is over for our churches and dear friends, the Guaranys.  It is time to seek the Lord and His answer for eternity.  We thank each one who has collaborated with us, and invite you to participate in the next phase of our work, helping purchase wood, doors, and windows for the Guarany classroom.  Thank you!


                  Thank you!

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