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West Africa
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“Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. 1 Timothy 4; 15-16 NIV.

Thanks and Appreciation
God has been so good and may His name be praised for ever and ever. Amen.

Pentecost Theological Seminary
I was privileged to be given the opportunity as a faculty member to train ninety-eight pastors in the area of leadership development at the Pentecost Theological Seminary. These are pastors in 98 district of the church overseeing over 1,000 local churches who are usually brought together after two years of field ministry to undertake a diploma course. It was just lovely to oversee the pastors working on the Kingdom Mathematics, Seed Projects  and looking deeply and examining their culture in the A.B.C Of Culture lessons, identifying the lies within cultures and replacing it with the Biblical truth that set people free for progress and development.

Kingdom Math
Chris Facilitating
Chris Facilitating           

Siera Leone Vision Conference
As part of our leadership training programs across the West Africa region, 123 key pastors, church leaders, including youth and women leaders were trained in this four days conference. It was one of the most successful conferences l have had in Freetown. Topics such as the Irreducible Minimum, Luke 2: 52 and Development, ABC’s of Culture and Worldviews were thoroughly examined and discussed. At the end of the conference great testimonies were shared: A pastor used the principles and biblical truths shared to solve 13 years of a family feud, a greedy land grabber was given ten more metres of land to free him from being landlocked, lady pastors took responsibility to scrub floors made dirty and messy toilets by neighbors and young ladies taking the rare steps to exist from sexual relations of men who were their bread winners. To God be the Glory.

Group Discussions
Chris with Pastor Assoc. Leaders
Group Discussions

Mercy Ships Invitation
I was priviledged to be invited by Mercy Ships for a two week program to train the 250 day and 450 crew members for the first time since my 12years working relationship with them. I hd been involved in their scheduled pastors partnership programs and African crew members only. This time round,  I was also given the opportunity to give devotions at all the departments including deck and engineering, hospital, dental, eye clinics, accounts, chaplaincy, the management team, the high school and tactical management team. Besides, I had the opportunity to speak at the crew Sunday and Thursday community services and the additional priviledge to speak to the global community of Mercy Ships across the nations. At the end of my interactions, the senior chaplain said: ” lt was an honor to host you on the Africa Mercy. Your presence has left lasting impact on us as a community” Amen!

Devotion at the Hospital
Chris at a community service
Devotion with Engineering Department

Praise and Prayers

Thank God for His continuous love and mercies.

Thank you for your continuous prayers for our West African team, especially Esther Amos of Nigeria, Jean Baptiste of Guinea, Apostle Happy of Togo, Rev. Emmanuel Dao of Mali, Rev. Balima of Burkina Faso, Pastor Abu Bakarr of Sierra Leone, Rev. Ouattara of the Ivory Coast and Rene Mbongo of Senegal. Thank God for Bishop Wiredu, Apostle Antwi and Asante, Stella, Patience, Theophilus and other volunteers in our local Ghana team.

Pray for the West Africa regional meeting in Accra, Ghana from December 03-07. To travel across the nations even by road is very expensive and financial support to make this very important meeting possible is urgently needed.

Kindly pray for various training invitations received- for God’s directions and strength: final training of mentees in Monrovia, Liberia, Pentecost University College, Church of Pentecost-Techiman and Suhum areas and a visit by friends from Germany to the Good Samaritan International School at Pai-Katanka.

We continue to appreciate your continuous prayers and financial support as we partner in expanding His Kingdom on earth..

                             THANK YOU VERY MUCH. GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY!!!!
Thank you for continuous support for our work in West Africa and Ghana in particular. Please, you may make cheques payable to Harvest and send to PO Box 2670, Phoenix, AZ 85002. Kindly include a note with the cheque designating the funds to Chris & Adjoa Ampadu.  All contributions are tax deductible.
In Ghana: to Samaritan Strategy, ECOBANK-LEGON BRANCH. Account number: 0160014409985201
Thank you for your participation! Chris & Adjoa Ampadu

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