Samaritan Strategy Program
Establishing self-sustaining Samaritan Strategy teams in new areas
Julian Gibb, Assistant to President

As we are all very aware, 2020 brought a global pandemic that has brought hardship and pain not to a city, nation or continent but to the whole world. Hurricanes, wars, and civil unrest have plagued nations and yet it is often in such dark times that we see God’s light powerfully shine through, often in small, simple, heartfelt, acts of love.

At Harvest we call these acts “seed projects” in the Bible it is called loving your neighbor, believers living out God’s Word, demonstrating God’s love to those outside the church.

So, with the pandemic and restrictions that it has placed on all of us, is there any good news to report? Yes, and in many ways! Whilst social distancing and travel restrictions have reduced the number of events we have held, and the number of people being trained, the mission is alive and well. This year 24,092 participants served their communities through 3,836 seed projects, in 20 countries around the world. 317 trainers have equipped 1052 churches to make disciples of Christ, helping them to witness about God’s purposes in all areas of life. The chart below shows the breakdown of our activities.

December 10, 2019 – December 10, 2020 GLOBAL MINISTRY ACTIVITIES

But how do these figures translate into serving others and glorifying God’s name?


In 2016 Jean Baptiste and Chris Ampadu contacted pastors from Guinea to share the vision of Samaritan Strategy.  This led to trainings for more than 54 church leaders.  Among the disciplines of love and seed projects that they completed, Pastor Benoit started a School in order to help children from poor families and orphans who weren’t going to school due to lack of public schools working close to their villages. He started in 2018 with 15 children but now in 2021 the number has increased to 150. He is not only running the school for the community, but he is also training men and women to become agents of community transformation. Pastor Benoit stated: “I started the Mission “God’s Mercy”, but I had no idea of how I could help the community until I went through Samaritan Strategy Training. I praise God for the teaching that has transformed my way of thinking and working.” In Guinea more than 30 local pastors started incorporating the training in their ministries.

Seed projects In Brazil, have provided for a 3-day-old baby who was rejected by the mother. The family welcomed the child and the church collected: clothes, diapers, hygiene products, special milk, and a baby stroller. The baby is supplied, and God has been glorified.

One believer left her phone number in the elevator of her apartment building offering to go to the market for her neighbors who were unable. A neighbor got in touch, the sister went to the market for her, a friendship was born and again God is glorified.

A martial arts course was offered to the community. The course addressed the importance of sport in the development of young people and teenagers teaching them principles and values. Each session began with prayer and enabled integration between the local Church and the community. One mother called the teacher thanking her for being instrumental in positively changing her son’s attitudes.

Church members decided to serve the community by renovating the local square, the pruned and planted trees, painted and repaired signs and provided seating. When asked by the community about why they did it without receiving money, they spoke of the care that God asks of us with his creation and the love that we must practice for others.

In Manipur, India, 43 seed projects were completed, one of which donated solar lamps to poor students so that they could study their homework and scripture in the evenings.

In Surat, India 28 church leaders took part in Harvest’s Samaritan strategy training. From this seed projects provided free education to children living in slums, orphan children were fed, blankets were given to the poor, and counseling was provided to hundreds of young people who were contemplating suicide. Healing and transformation made evident as believers responded to the call to serve as Jesus’ hands and feet. There are many other examples of how the Samaritan Strategy is working around the world, many of which I look forward to sharing in my next newsletter.

Can small acts of love really make a difference? Yes! Aren’t they just small drops in an ocean? Yes, but combined they bring a sea of change. People are fed, children are educated, the suicidal are given hope and community is given to those living in isolation. All of which point to Christ and come with the message, that their Creator and God, knows them, calls them, and loves them. What can these small acts of love do? It turns out, quite a lot!

Thank you for your partnership, your prayers and fiscal support, they are greatly appreciated.


Harvest Staff and Associates are volunteers who sacrificially give of themselves to this ministry.  We welcome your participation to help them financially.  You can write a check to «Harvest» and mail it to P. O. Box 2670 – Phoenix, AZ – 85002, or click on the «Donate» button on this page for a credit card donation.  If you would like to designate the gift to a particular associate or Harvest staff member please write the name of the recipient on a separate note added to the check or on the suggestion box online.  Thank you, your partnership is greatly appreciated.

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