Being Salt and Light in the World

(And Building a Culture of Serious Fun!)

Harvest Global Leadership Team 

Harvest Global Field Coordinator
Elly Oliveira
“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5.13-16With Bob Moffitt, Harvest President and founder, six Harvest global Advisers met in Phoenix during a week in April, representing thirty workers from fourteen countries. During this meeting, the Advisers shared stories from field experiences, taught and modeled a seed project, and led Harvest’s annual celebration.Typically, the stories they shared were about the Church of Jesus being salt and light around the world, and, commonly, their stories often start with churches that find out that they give mental assent to Bible teachings, but do not grasp what role they should have in society. Statistics are scarce in other countries, but in the USA, a study shows that only 14% of pastors actually seek to develop ministries beyond the walls of the church (Breakout Churches, Thom S. Reiner). This can lead to a church culture that tends to be focused inward and is stagnant, and it happens in spite of the core belief that their mission is to be salt and light in a broken world.Harvest trainers help churches move from mental assent to “letting their light shine before others, that they may see their good deeds.” Thus, they create an attractive culture that people are calling “serious fun,” helping others draw from God’s power, overcome personal problems, and start to serve individuals and community in creative and courageous ways. Some stories illustrate this culture with husbands gladly helping their wives with chores, families having game nights, inmates being exposed to the good news of the gospel, and poor people being helped in their critical needs of survival–food, clothing, housing, and medical care. As a result of Harvest trainings and applications, churches understand more clearly the specific vision God has called them to accomplish, and they and their communities flourish, “glorifying the Father, who is in heaven.”The seed project was done at Iglesia Agua Viva/Living Streams Church, bringing together believers and the children of the Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation. This ministry serves kids at risk, being led by mothers who lost their children due to violence, and who now advocate for peace in Phoenix. The children sang, played guitar, danced, and had interesting conversations with the participants. At the end of the project, David Garay, Johanny Peña, and Juan Manuel Ponce prayed for peace in Phoenix, and the Miller family took the kids to eat ice-cream. This seed project was serious work, but it was also lots of fun.

 Seed Project with kids from the DGMF at Living Streams Church

The annual celebration took place at Camelback Bible Church where over 100 participants saw presentations, prayed together, enjoyed a dessert buffet, and worshipped the Lord. A team of church volunteers set up artistically decorated tables, prepared delicious food and coffee, and hosted our Harvest family and friends with warm hospitality. Their love, hard work, and talents blessed all participants with a refreshing and memorable time of inspiration and fellowship.

 Annual Celebration at Camelback Bible Church 

Dessert Buffett at Annual Celebration 

The enthusiasm of Harvest workers is contagious and their vision is magnetic. They cultivate an attitude of joy and teamwork, which makes it possible for others to come alongside and collaborate. Our praises go to God, and our gratitude to our donors and intercessors, who have so generously supported this ministry. We would like to thank those who coordinated specific areas in the latest events:

Thank you to Mardette Hemann, representing the wonderful team of volunteers from different churches, and the elder board, pastors and staff of Camelback Bible Church, who offered the facilities, set up the beautiful tables, and prepared the food for the annual celebration. Also, a special thank you to Ryan Chen for the photos that recorded this great event and that allowed us to share it with people from around the world. We are truly a family on a mission for the glory of God.

Thank you to Daniel Burboa, representing Iglesia Agua Viva and Living Streams Church–as well as the elder board, pastors and staff–for hosting our Harvest training and the seed project with the Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation (DGMF). Thank you to Knoye Jackson, representing the participants of the DGMF.  You are true peacemakers and help us grow in unity and to creatively expand God’s Kingdom.

Thank you to Debby Lefebvre, Harvest bookkeeper and administrative coordinator, Steve Johnson, communications coordinator, Yulia Schneider, accountant, and Jerry Hogg, IT support, for their phenomenal work in the US Office. Your professionalism and humble spirit reflect Jesus, the Chief Servant, and allow the sum of our efforts to be more than any isolated effort our work could ever accomplish.

Thank you to Harvest President and founder, Bob Moffitt, and Harvest Board members, Dick Blair, Marv Bowers, Keith Edwards, Barr Haworth, and Jack Thein, and to our current global staff and Samaritan Strategy Associates (listed below) for their dedication and labor of love. Your light shines bright for all to see and it glorifies our Father in heaven.

Harvest President and founder, Bob Moffitt

Harvest Field Staff and Samaritan Strategy Associates:
Armenia: Kristina Avanesyan (Adviser for Central Asia and Near East).
Brazil: Cleiton Oliveira (Adviser for Portuguese-Speaking Countries), Diógenes Nascimento de Jesus, Juarez & Rosa de Jesus, Cefas Alves de Oliveira, Steve Akio Kawamura.
Democratic Republic of Congo: Buingo Mateene.
Dominican Republic: Ricci Paulino.
Ethiopia: Demelash Lemma, Bezalem Fisshea, Byniam Getaneh, Alem Bazezew.
Ghana: Chris Ampadu.
Haiti: Guerino St. Simon.
Honduras: Ramiro Carbajal (Adviser for Spanish-Speaking Countries).
India: Prakash Nemade (Adviser for Southeast Asia), Timothy Das, Vijay Rajulwala, Sanjay Thul.
Nepal: Madan Shah.
Peru: Atilio Quintanilla, Serapio Ruiz, Oscar Ugarte, Fabíola Zegarra.
Rwanda: Simon Nziramakenga, Jacob Ndabaramiye (Adviser for Africa), Christophe Holimbere.
United States of America: Linda Morris (Adviser for the USA).
Venezuela: Xiomara Suarez.

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